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Building Contractors in Chennai


Building Contractors in Chennai

Bluemoon Construction, the leading building contractor in Chennai, was conceptualised to make a change in the industry. The construction segment has seen its share of challenges over the years. Though the companies struggle to manage them, it has not been completely eradicated. Some of the common challenges faced by the industry include

  • Fake companies
  • Lack of adequate raw materials
  • Shortage of labour
  • Market inflation
  • Miscommunication
  • Lack of regular updates                                                                                        
  • Internal coordination

All primary and small companies do struggle from these problems occasionally. Experts say that it is highly improbable to bypass these issues. However, it is very much possible to overcome them. It is imperative to understand that these are only a part of the problem. Though a fair portion of the issues can be rectified through an intensive and rigorous protocol, the same cannot be applied to all threats. For example, sudden unrest in a socio-political system could lead to a delay in the project.

A classic example is a current pandemic. Though people were well aware of the situation, the sudden lockdown protocols did cause significant losses in the construction segment. This caused delays in the project along with certain speculations among the consumers. Bluemoon Construction, the leading residential building contractor in Chennai, ideates and undertakes various activities to address these concerns. Before we venture into the key highlights of our company, it would be prudent to understand the job responsibilities.

What is the role of building contractors in Chennai?

It is quite common for consumers to feel conflicted over different roles in the construction industry. After all, this is an extensive segment with numerous resources. The standard and familiar names are interior designers, architects, civil engineers and contractors. Though there may be familiar with the titles, they might not be clear of their job responsibilities. The contractor’s job is like the conductor in the orchestration. They would coordinate with the different stakeholders and ensure the seamless execution of the project. Some company tends to outsource the job to a third-party vendor. 

The customers might not have an idea about the concept. The issue with this practice is that the company would not be able to take full responsibility for the project. They might tend to overestimate the performance of the building contractor, Chennai. Even the best service provider will not accept adequate liability if they do not work directly with the clients. This can lead to severe confusion and delay in project delivery. The role of this particular destination is to ensure seamless operation and timely delivery. This will be nullified if the consumers do not respond adequately. This position has been developed after extensive analysis and research. Various types of contractors are available in the market. Some of them include general contractors and building contractors in Chennai. The role of the former is to oversee the overall operation. The latter would be responsible for everything and anything related to the construction of the building. They would provide holistic solutions that aid consumers to relish the benefits of on-time delivery and on-budget completion.

Why is Bluemoon Construction the best building contractor in Chennai?

It has been a fact that it is impossible to avoid issues in the construction segment. The best building contractor, Chennai, would not claim to run an event-free project. They would take adequate steps to handle the crisis at the early stage. Sometimes, they are also proactive and initiate measures to bypass the problems. Our representatives have extensive experience in the sector. This allows us to anticipate the problems at the initial stage. For instance, if there is a deficiency of raw materials, we would plan the required items accurately and source them well in advance. 

We understand the fluctuating prices in the market. The initial estimate given to the consumer by the top 10 building contractors in Chennai would contain facts about the present scenario. However, there is a substantial possibility that the price might increase in the next few months. Our company avoids these issues by placing an order with the vendor for the necessary items. Sometimes, we also partner with an extensive network of service providers to help us handle the crisis. This empowers you to choose the best quality products at affordable prices. 

This has enabled us to become the low budget building contractors in Chennai. The next aspect is the coordination part. We do not just assign work and expect people to follow them. Instead, we imbue the spirit of teamwork and help our resources to work in harmony. Additionally, we seek the assistance of technology to streamline our operations.

How does technology help us to become the best building contractors in Chennai?

The individual house building contractors in Chennai and Commercial building contractors in Chennai depend on technology for their smooth functioning. The impact of technology is experienced in all aspects of life. The dependency on this medium has significantly increased in the past few years. It has replaced a fair portion of the essential elements. The benefits of using this medium are that it is universal and connects people through a common platform. Our founders realised the significance of this medium at an early stage. When the industry contemplated the pros and cons, we began experimenting with them. 

We have designed an user-friendly application that allows our team to update and maintain the process. We train our team with the platform’s nuances right from day one. Our project manager would develop an in-depth and comprehensive plan inclusive of the various job responsibilities and the expected deadlines. We also map the related projects that would enable us to manage the internal communications. Once this is verified, we assign the tasks to the various stakeholders. As a result, our representatives understand our role as the best individual home construction builders in Chennai. This motivates them to update their process consistently. Another significant benefit of this approach is that it provides periodic updates to the clients. This enables us to maintain our position as the best residential building contractors in Chennai. Here are some of the queries asked by our potential target group.

Frequently asked questions

Do building contractors in Chennai have tie-ups with real estate companies?

The house building contractors in Chennai might have tie-ups with the real estate companies. This provides them with knowledge about land availability and the market scenario.

Will building contractors in Chennai arrange for all the necessary material?

The building construction contractors in Chennai would provide a wide range of services. They can evolve from building demolition contractors in Chennai to building renovation contractors in Chennai. Moreover, they would maintain a vendor network to source the necessary materials.

Who are the best builders in Chennai?

Bluemoon Construction is the best building contractor in Chennai. They focus on the client’s welfare and take various steps to ensure flawless project execution.

How much does it cost to build a house in Chennai?

The best building contractors in Chennai would depend on the location and project type. The company would provide a rough estimate at the beginning and a final invoice towards the end of the project.

How much is the construction cost per sqft in Chennai?

This would be solely dependent on the building contractors in Chennai’s rate. However, the company would work closely with different stakeholders to provide the best rates.

How can I find an excellent civil engineer?

Consumers can hire Bluemoon Construction, the reliable, precise building contractor in Chennai, to find an excellent civil engineer. Moreover, they would help the customers to identify the best building repair contractors in Chennai.


Bluemoon Construction adorns various roles, such as best building labour contractors in Chennai. We have shared some of our client testimonies.

We were worried that the company would go beyond our budget. However, they planned adequately and executed it perfectly



Bluemoon Construction is the best service provider in the industry. One notable aspect of the company is that they provided regular updates

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