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Construction Companies in Kolathur


Everyone’s dream is to build a Dream Home. and if you are the person who is looking for a Construction Company in Kolathur to Build your 2 Bhk apartment then you have reached the correct place. Bluemoon construction company,  one among construction companies in Kolathur and we are well known for our reputation and quality assurance and Customer-centric company.

What are the things that you should look up when building a 2 Bhk Building

Type of the Building

Selecting the type of shielding won’t be a difficult job as you would have already seen these types of buildings across Kolathur. The Major Types of Building are Independent, Semi-Independent and Duplex models. Independent is a type where you are free from all the possible disturbance around you whereas Semi-Independent is a type in which you will have to share one or two sides of the wall with your neighbour. Duplex type is that you will have a Bedroom on the second first floor and a terrace on the second floor. The duplex building is what most people with minimum Ground sq. ft build recently. You can get that three-bedroom look with this Duplex model building. so choose wisely on which type of building you need. We are one of the Construction companies in Kolathur who assures best consultation to choose which type of building you require.

Place or you can call it soil

How to know the soil type is suitable for your building. Run a soil test to understand the Stability of soil and the history of the place. The soil tests that are done by us are genuine. The soil test would let us know whether the soil has the stability to withhold 2 story building or a single-story building. Eventually, you will have to also know whether Land was earlier a riverbank or stagnant water place which might become a problem in the future.

Materials that go a long way

One of the most important is the durability of the material that is used for the building should be having heavy durability. We always use the product that has the maximum durability and performs by standards. Majorly the Steel rods that are used to be specifically selected according to the building need. M sand is being used widely now as they have great stability and durability, even though they are high in cost compared to local sands but they are more than the normal sands that we used for building construction. The usage of Cement blocks has been increasing widely as they are becoming a trend in usage as well they are completely reliable. The blocks are used widely for any type of building but initially that have been used in high rise buildings they are much more solid compared to Stone blocks which have been used commonly. 

Interiors that never forgets to surprise us

Interiors are quite recommended for any type of house you build. they speak for themself but in your style. For a small house, it gives the maximised look with the limited space and with a big house, it gives the best utilisation of space both will be handled to a great extent by Bluemoon Construction. Understanding the time need and space need is what is required and our Interior designer has the best State of the art knowledge on the Design that would save time and money from your end and Astonishing and ever mesmerising design to you

On a Final Note, you can build your House anywhere anytime but this would be the best time and Bluemoon constructions, best out of all the  Construction companies in Kolathur, will be your best choice. Call us to know more detail about designing, planning and building your Dream House

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