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What is the residential construction cost per sq ft in Chennai?

Cost of construction in Chennai

Who wouldn’t wish for an own comfortable house? The most common obstacle between an idea and becoming a reality is overcoming the practical obstacles that need to be defeated. Imagine a lawn in front of a grand façade, surrounded by plenty of leisure space and pleasures for you and your family.

Before moving forward with your house construction, you should estimate the primary aspects, including affordability, land availability, legal requirements, location, house construction cost, and the amount of time until you lay the last brick in the wall.

Generally speaking, an independent house is more expensive than an apartment, but this also has a higher appreciation rate. The construction cost per square foot is estimated using two factors (land cost and building cost) for a residential building, apartment, or row home.

Investing in land in a city will increase the returns, but in a smaller town or outside of the city will result in much lower returns.

Consider some of the core parts before beginning the task of constructing your own independent home, such as your preferred site location. How many square feet will the house have in total?

Depending on the size of your family, you may need more bedrooms, bathrooms, and other amenities, such as balconies and storage areas. These requirements vary depending on the number of people in your family.

Considering your numerous recurrent expenses, your children’s education, and your reasonable budget, determine the location based on your place of employment.

Calculate rough construction costs per square foot by dividing material costs into three groups: high, medium, and low.


cost of construction per square foot in Chennai


Using excellent construction supplies would result in top-notch construction quality. Costs for building with high-quality materials range from Rs. 4000 to Rs. 5000 per square foot. You should budget about Rs. 20 lakhs for the land per square foot.

The cost of building a 4000 square foot house at a rate of Rs. 4000 per square foot will be roughly Rs. 50 lakhs. Add another 10% toward accessories and unanticipated costs up to Rs. 55 lakhs. Even so, the estimated overall cost of building your house per square foot, including the cost of the land, should be around Rs. 68 lakhs.

Comparatively, intermediate building materials cost between Rs. 2500 and 2800 less per square foot. Similar land would have cost about Rs 10 lakhs. A 2000-square-foot house would cost around Rs. 30 lakhs to build for Rs. 1500 per square foot, plus an additional 20% for unanticipated costs that would bring the total to Rs. 36 lakhs. The land cost, including building your new home, should be around Rs. 46 lakhs.

Additional Cost Calculation:

The following must also be taken into account when calculating the construction rate per square foot:

  • Concrete, iron, mud, stones, coating, paint, bricks, blocks, pipes, frames, doors, piping, sewage, and power components are all building materials in construction.

You can also find numerous internet calculators that will assist you in calculating the accurate construct cost per square foot estimates.

What do you need to know?

The next stage is to select the neighborhood and its surroundings that would work best for you after you have determined your budget for building your new home. Before you accept the formal agreement, think about a couple of issues.

  • Verify the authenticity of the land registry.
  • Does the plot involve any active legal matters? Inspect the growth of the local infrastructure, including the availability of electricity, water, sewage, water conservation, floods, etc.
  • You should consider some factors before buying a house, including the presence of roads, the type of neighborhood, nearby facilities, and the slope of the plot.

Understand the process of construction

  • Before moving forward with the construction process, it is necessary to understand each step.
  • When building a home, choose a square or rectangular plot of land if possible.
  • In contrast to a single-story construction, building a double-story structure is always a wise use of your assets.
  • Learn about modern construction methods. Modular construction is one such technique that is considered an effective cost-reduction and time-saving approach.
  • It is highly recommended to work with a trustworthy and experienced builder who knows every construction element.
  • A lack of expertise may result in delays or fees due to restructuring or unnecessary raw material usage.
  • Instead of wasting space on unnecessary design elements, a qualified or experienced contractor will strategically use the area to create a more usable room.


The trademark of Bluemoon Constructions in Chennai is excellent building quality, a transparent buying experience throughout the property transaction, quick finish, and delivery of the housing projects at competitive rates.

Bluemoon Construction stands out in the industry because of our continuous commitment to and dedication to outstanding quality. Among them, the high-end products we use in our construction projects are steel, cement, tiles, and apartment fixtures.

Compared to other top builders in Chennai working in this real estate sector, we stand out because of our intense attention to quality and dedication.

We take on building projects for residences, flats, low-cost double mini-flats, business centers, offices, institutions, shops, and other structures in and around Chennai. We construct residential apartments in Chennai either through the direct acquisition of land or through a joint venture with landowners.

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