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What is Porotherm bricks & Advantages of porotherm bricks

Looking for Porotherm Bricks for your House Construction? 

Building a house is a dream for many people. Numerable options are available in the market. People without being aware of products invest in modern products and lose their money. If you are looking for the construction of your house or a commercial building at an affordable range with proper guidance on materials, click here to download the quote.

The structure of the building should be strong irrespective of the interior or elevation. Bricks are the core element of the building. It should be good enough and durable to withstand any climatic conditions. Using smart brick material helps in several ways like saving costs, being friendly to the environment, healthy living, etc. 

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Porotherm clay bricks are recyclable and reusable, which causes no harmful effects on the environment.

Porotherm bricks are available in two main categories: Horizontal brick and Vertical brick. Horizontal Perforated bricks are suited for non-load-bearing structures (infill and partition walls), and Vertical Perforated bricks are suited for load-bearing construction (G+1 construction without RCC).

Builders and customers started preferring Porotherm bricks as they are of excellent quality, cost-effective, strong, and durable. The properties of the perforated hollows make them preferred over traditional bricks.

Check out recent Completed project work through Porotherm bricks.


Why should you use Porotherm Bricks?

Porotherm bricks are made up of natural and locally available substances in the manufacturing process. These bricks produce fewer carbon footprints. The manufacturing process also releases no chemicals or toxins into the environment. Porotherm bricks are rated by both Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) and Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment (GRIHA). In India, the only brick with Green building certifications. As no chemicals are involved in manufacturing, they provide healthy living indoors also.

Speedy Construction:

Porotherm bricks are lightweight and are easy to carry than conventional bricks. They are available in 3 different sizes: 400*200*200, 400*150*200, and 400*100*200. Also, there is no curing required post construction of the wall. The large size of the Porotherm brick is approximately equal to 9 small conventional bricks. So thereby saving time and accelerating the construction process.

Light Weight:

Porotherm bricks are made up of advanced technology without compromising the quality of the product. They are 60% less weight compared to conventional bricks. It helps to reduce the dead weight on the structure, thereby saving on structural costs. The light weight of the bricks makes the handling easy.

Better Thermal Insulation:

Porotherm bricks provide comfort inside the building and act as an insulator of the external temperature. They possess good thermal insulation properties due to the perforation that facilitates warm temperatures in winter and cool temperatures in summer. The U-value or Thermal transmittance depends on the thickness of the brick. If the U-value is lesser, the better will be the thermal insulation.


Generally, wall construction requires the significant contribution of sand and cement. But the advantage of Porotherm bricks is that it doesn’t need sand and cement for wall construction. 

So it helps in further reduction of construction cost and also requires zero maintenance. If you have used Porotherm bricks in the construction, you can reduce the use of AC in the summer and heat in the winter due to their thermal properties.

Extremely Durable:

Porotherm bricks have a high compressive strength of 10 N/mm² which is 3x times higher than conventional bricks. The terracotta material also adds up to the strength of the bricks.

Less water absorption:

Porotherm bricks absorb less water which minimizes the risk of shrinkage, dampness, or cracks. During curing, bricks retain moisture to avoid the formation of cracks. But Porotherm bricks take much less time to cure and utilize very minimal water when compared to conventional bricks.

Ongoing porotherm Project – Thirumalisai G+2 with Swimming pool and Lift 

In short, Porotherms bricks are durable and long-lasting. They cause no harm to the environment. A sustainable building has a positive impact on health. Rather than investing a lot of money on artificial and chemical substances, try investing in sustainable products which are cost-effective and provide you with a higher advantage right from the construction of the building. Let us know your view about Porotherm bricks in the comments.

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