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Feel the shine and beware of cost of construction in Chennai

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  • Bluemoon Constructions is one of the outstanding construction and civil engineering in Chennai. We help you to track the building activities  regularly.
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  • Construction costs are completely transparent and accountable for every aspect of the project.

cost of construction Chennai | Bluemoon Construction

Cost of construction Chennai

Most home buyers face the problem of flats available on the market but not in the area, design, and amenities they want. In this case, building one’s own home is a wise decision. Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA) indicates a steady rise in individual home planning licenses.

Construction Material Costs

The building or construction materials used have changed seriously during the past few years. In addition to concrete, bricks, soil, paint, wood, metals, hardwood, pipeline, mosaics, electricity, sewage, and bathroom accessories, the budget also includes bathroom accessories.
The expense of recruiting construction laborers is a significant additional cost head.

Construction Cost in Chennai | Bluemoon Construction

Construction Rates in Chennai

Every year the cost of construction and its expense changes. When building a house, the foundation is where construction begins. It is the part that helps to transfer a building’s weight across the ground.
Excavation and foundation work accounts for about 1/3 of the overall building cost. Building a house in Chennai requires a bank loan, but you won’t receive the funds until the completion building’s foundation.
Approximately 3% of the total cost goes to the wall or masonry. It covers the price of labor, shipping, and building material (such as bricks).
Additionally, the cost of painting varies depending on the paint type chosen and the colors.
Other costs will vary depending on your choices and the square footage of your home; they will also go up if the tile height in your bathroom, kitchen or laundry area goes up.
Sanitary equipment in a bathroom in a house can cost anywhere from Rs. 15000 to Rs. 50000, excluding bathtubs and shower stalls. The only factors that affect it are the materials chosen, the brands preferred, and the number of bathrooms in the home. The price of plumbing also rises with the number of bathrooms.
As in Chennai, labor and logistics costs for a home construction site outside the city would increase. So labor costs will also include travel expenses.

Construction Contractors in Chennai

The need for construction workers has grown significantly during the past few years. The only choice is to employ a contractor who will carry out the plan as provided by you at a fixed price per sq. ft considering the home buyers prefer the flexibility that building one’s own house gives but may not be familiar with the specifics of construction.

Construction has a lot of expenses, which appear when contractors guarantee excellence. Although they add a lot to the project’s overall cost, these expenses guarantee the buildings’ long-term safety.

Additional Building Expenses

Depending on the products and amounts the homeowner picks, additional accessories like solar roofing, Surveillance cameras, security cameras, etc. cost over Rs. 50 to Rs. 100 per sqft. Depending on the brand and materials, cupboards and modular kitchens can be more expensive.

Wrapping Up:

As a reliable builder, Bluemoon Constructions will give you an exact blueprint for your home’s layout and construction based on your spending limit and lot size. When looking for low-cost, high-quality raw materials, we ensure to offer excellent support.

Instead of wasting space on unnecessary design features, we will always use the space intelligently by creating a more useable area, which assures that you don’t break the bank.


What is the cost of building a 2000-square-foot house in Chennai?

The construction cost in Chennai in 2022 is estimated to range from 1600 to 2000 rupees per square foot. Additionally, the charge also depends on materials and labor. The construction cost of duplexes is 1800 rupees per square foot, while the rate for luxury houses is 2000 rupees per square foot.

How is construction cost calculated in Chennai?

Materials and construction quality always determine the cost per square foot. The material costs vary based on the area example, the cost of construction in the village differs from the cost of construction in the city.

Bluemoon Construction is transparent and explains the progress from calculating construction costs per square foot to interior designing. There are many steps to be followed in building a house, starting with foundation, panel, transportation, electricity, plumbing, painting, tiles, labor, and material cost.

How much does it cost to build a 1200 sq ft house in Chennai?

Start your construction by planning the layout of your plot, then contact Bluemoon Construction designers and architects will make your dream come true.
If you want to design a plot area of 1200 square feet, our engineers will charge you anywhere from 15k to 20k rupees depending on the location.

What is the standard cost of construction per sq ft?

Chennai’s construction costs per square foot range between 1600 and 2000 rupees in 2022, depending on the type and location of the project.

What is the construction cost in Chennai 2022?

A luxury home’s construction cost will vary from 1600/sq ft to 2000/sq ft in Chennai. An ordinary house costs 14,50,000 rupees, while an ultra-luxury house costs 45 lakh rupees.

What is the cost of construction per sqft in Chennai?

It is the responsibility of architects, contractors, or other estimating firms to provide construction cost estimates. A crucial factor in self-estimation is the quality of materials.

How do you calculate construction costs?

Building cost = area of plot x square footage rate. Depending on your choice of materials, you can also calculate an approximate cost for home construction.

How do you estimate building costs?

The construction cost of a house is estimated and calculated based on the material and labor rate for a particular area.

What is the cost of building a three-bedroom house in India?

Approximately 900 to 1100 square feet of floor covering, with three bedrooms, two halls or balconies, one kitchen, two bathrooms, one dining/living room, a stair room, and a corridor covering. The construction cost will vary from 1600/sq ft to 2000/sq ft in Chennai.

How do you calculate the price per sqft?

By dividing the current market value of a home by its total square footage, the average price per square foot of a home.

What percentage of construction cost is labor?

Approximately 25 % of the building’s total cost is related to labor. It is critical to remember that several other factors contribute to the total cost of the building, including material hikes, delays, environmental conditions, insurance, etc.

What is the Labor rate in construction?

A base rate indicates the labor cost per unit of time (e.g., per hour).

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