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Questions you should ask before you hire builder?

“It is Better to ask a question than to remain Ignorant ” as the saying goes, we all have the right to ask questions. It’s again a pleasure meeting you all through my blog. I hope everyone is safe and everyone is following safety precautions for you and your near and dear ones. We are going to walk you through all of the essential aspects you should look into when you are hiring a builder.

So let’s start with the first question…

1. Are you are hiring a registered company?

To begin with, there are only some builders whose company is Registered. Have you wondered why?

This means that there is an element of separation between them as businesses and them as individuals. It works to protect and legitimise the builder and any dealings you do with them.

Good news: It also makes it easier to check on their past work. You should ask for confirmation that no claims have been made against the company in the last five years, so you know that they’ve got a good track record and can be trusted. Make no mistake about it.

2. Does the builder have an in-house team of engineers in their team?

It’s actually still a good idea to ask this question when hiring a builder, because contractors often come across unexpected things when working on buildings, and easy access to an expert is a great way to make sure that any potential issues are managed. Let me say this straight

Let me say this straight: You should ask your builder about all the members of their team, including the engineers they have in-house, and make sure that they’re all members of approved trader schemes and just generally reliable, trustworthy people. You’re about to give them a lot of money and access, and you can’t do that if you don’t trust them

3. Does the builder have a site supervisor who can manage the project?

We’ve already said that you should meet the team before you hire anyone, but the site supervisor is definitely a priority. You should see how they manage and communicate with your architects during the construction work, and how they interact with you. Why is this so?

The site supervisor will be overseeing your building works, so they should have an overall understanding of how construction management works, and be able to run everything smoothly, effectively, on budget and on time.

Put it this way: The site supervisor should also be the kind of person you trust in an emergency, in case anything does go wrong.

4. How long has the builder been in business for, and what relevant experience do they have?

There’s nothing wrong with hiring a new builder, and there’s no guarantee that people who’ve been in the business for years will be great. However, if someone’s new to the job or company, it’s a good idea to make sure the rest of the team are more experienced and that there’s a backup in case things do go wrong.

For instance, you can also ask them if they’ve worked on buildings like yours before, to make sure that they’ve got relevant knowledge. Again, ideally they’ll have done similar projects before but if they haven’t, at least make sure that someone on the team knows what to do. You should also ask to see a portfolio of previous work – but we’ll talk about that later.

5. Is the builder customer centric?

Of course, it’s best for everyone when the builder or any service for that matter being customer centric. When the builder is a customer centric organization they worry more about customer rather than their own interest and desires. When you need a dream home to be built with your style the builder should be agreeing with your idea and include their mentoring methods to improve the building.

On the whole a customer centric place never fails

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