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Do you remodel and renovate the existing homes?

Dear friends and well wishers,
Good Day to all of you!
Hope all of you are safe and healthy in the midst of this second wave of covid-19 pandemic threatening our state and nation. I am sure all of you are following the central and state health department guidelines in terms of frequently washing your hands with anti-bacterial soap, wearing mask and maintaining the prescribed safe distance of 1 metre when in public places. I would like to add here that it is equally important to boost your immunity levels during this time by taking nutritious food and regular exercises.
I will be addressing a very frequently asked query from our existing customers and those approaching us for the first time as to whether Bluemoon construction undertakes renovation and remodeling of existing structures or is only engaged in building new structures. I wish to assure you that we are a specialist in this field and we do remodeling and renovation of houses built by us and also other builders. At Bluemoon we understand that renovation and remodeling are very essential value additions that both apartments and independent houses need at various stages. House owners are compelled to consider renovating or remodeling their house for various reasons like making room for a growing family or simply to alter the existing pattern according to their changing taste and preference. While renovation is essentially an exercise in enhancing the strength and life of the structure, remodeling is to enhance the appearance, ambience and utility of the building by making appropriate changes. These two initiatives go hand in hand to give the look and feel, utility and comfort of a new house.
Renovation and remodeling of a house could be on account of the following
1. Strengthening and refurbishing the existing structure right from the foundation stage by making changes including pest control wherever needed.
2. Making internal changes to the structure for better appearance space management or meet new needs
3. Making structural changes for Vaasthu compliance
At Bluemoon Construction we have rich knowledge and experience in all the above and assure the best results at economic rates. Our team of engineers and interior decorators will study your building whether an apartment or independent house and offer expert advice and ideas to enhance life, safety, convenience and appearance of your building and carry out the necessary alterations/additions in a time bound, professional and cost effective manner. I would like to add here that alterations and modifications to an apartment come with a challenge that the same should not disturb the rest of the building or be a threat to its safety. This is a delicate operation and we are well experienced in the same.
We welcome you to call us or visit our office with your renovation/remodeling needs, our team will listen to your plans, understand your exact needs, challenges and offer the best ideas and carry out the same after obtaining your approval. We promise to convert your dwelling into a new home with a new look and feel, better comfort and a stronger and long lasting structure.

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